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Roald Dahl´s Jack and the Beanstalk

The famously revolting wit of Roald Dahl is now an exciting school production!Taken from the perennial favourite Revolting Rhymes, Jack discovers the importance of personal hygiene when confronted with theprospect of a giant with a clever...

Roald Dahl´s Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The famously revolting wit of Roald Dahl is now an exciting school production!On Trial for her crimes, Goldilocks looks like the sweet little innocent who'd give us her last sweetie. Could she really be the brazen crookwho stole the porridge from...

Roald Dahl´s Cinderella

Roald Dahl's hugely popular Revolting Rhyme is now a hugely popular musical, specially created for schools to perform. The story is going magically to plan for Cinderella - the Magic Fairy does her job, herdress is divine, the ball everything...

Roald Dahl´s Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs

At last...a full performance of Roald Dahl's revolting children's favourite! Dahl's Revolting Rhymes has been a standard text for children's imaginations for many years, and now, in this updated version, pupils canplay the roles...

Roals Dahl´s Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

The famously revolting wit of Roald Dahl is now an exciting school production!Mr Wolf thinks he's a match for Little Red Riding Hood and her three little piggie pals. He snatches a lead on her and gobbles up grandma -but his hair raising antics...

Hans Christian Andersen´s Snow Queen

Following on from the success of the Roald Dahl series of musicals comes a sparkling adaptation of Han's Christian Andersen's Snow Queen. Written by popular children's author Kay Umansky, this musical providesschools with the same winning...

Cinderella . . . If The Shoe Fits!

Who can resist this all-time favorite fairy tale, told with fun and flair? Our acting troupe takes over the stage area, playing rhyming Narrators, singing Villagers, friendly Animals, charming Royalty, energetic Messengers, the haughty Stepmother and...

Cinderella Jones

Dieses Kindermusical wurde in erster Linie für Aufführungen mit Schülern konzipiert. Die bekannte Aschenbrödel-Geschichte in neuem Gewand, mit Stimmenmaterial für 12 Solisten und Chor. Die Begleitung kann von einem Korrepetitor übernommen...

Disney Solos for Kids

10 classic Disney songs have been chosen as being especially appropriate solos for children. This collection of piano/vocal music comes with a companion CD, which includes a full performance by a child singer, and a piano accompaniment track for practice....

Musical Theatre Essentials

The Musical Theatre Essentials series represents the ultimate selection of songs from the stage. Volumes are available for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor and Baritone/Bass, either with or without accompaniment CDs. Unique song lists are provided in the...

The Songs of Rodgers & Hammerstein

The ultimate R&H source for singers, with a unique song list for each voice type. Each volume includes an introduction about each show and plot notes for each song, plus a Rodgers & Hammerstein biography. The series represents 10 musicals: Oklahoma!,...


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