And All That Jazz Vol. 3

An exciting new series by educator, composer and performer, Carl Strommen, And All That Jazz consists of three sequentially arranged books designed to teach students of all ages the basic elements of Jazz piano playing. From backbeat and swing/syncopated eighth notes to ' blue' notes and Latin rhythms, this set of books, coupled with the professionally recorded CDs, that have three performance tracks for each exercise or piece (one with combo - Piano, Bass, Drums, one with solo piano and one to play along with the bass and drum parts only), will open the door to a very influential musical style. Book 1 is carefully written for beginners with the pieces in five-finger positions. Book 2 has expanded technical requirements and introduces the element of improvisation. Book 3 is designed for more experienced players, with longer selections and a wider variety of harmonic and rhythmic sophistication coming into play. It includes 2 CD tracks per piece (complete combo and play-along track with Bass and Drums, but no piano). And All That Jazz is surely destined to be regarded as one of the best learning tools ever devised for piano students who want to master the subtle art of Jazz playing.
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