Apprendre A Toucher Le Clavecin Vol.1: Le Livre

Richard Siegel won prizes for the Harpsichord and Chamber Music at the Paris Conservatoire before going on the win first prize in the 1977 International Harpsichord Competition. He has since recorded over 30 CDs and his passionfor the instrument has been further apparent in his production of Apprendre Toucher le Clavecin. As stated in the preface, the study of the Harpsichord has long been reserved, frequently dismissed as an 'old-fashioned'instrument. However, a recent rise in the popularity of early music has rekindled interest in the Harpsichord. In Apprendre Toucher le Clavecin, volume 1 being the first of two helpful volumes to aid student's learning andprogression, Siegel enables Harpsichord beginners to learn through repertoire pieces themselves, drawn from the Keyboard masters of the Baroque period. The pupil will be guided towards an understanding of technique and stylesuited to the Harpsichord. Furthermore, Apprendre Toucher le Clavecin, which is accompanied by a CD, enables adults who learnt the instrument as a child to return to the instrument and have the instant feeling of making music.
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