Around the World at Christmas Time (Package 1)

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Around The World At Christmas Time (package 1)
If a cast of characters emerged from your computer screen and invited you on a festive journey to create the Christmas website, you'd go, wouldn't you? This is what happens in Around The World@Christmas Time! From rock numbers to ballads, ragtime to Victorian parlour music, sing and dance across time with this musical.
A cast of characters emerges from a computer and offers a festive journey to create a Christmas website. This sparkling seasonal musical contains rock numbers, ballads, ragtime, calypso, rock & roll and much more in a musical exploration of Christmas customs and history from around the world.
Package 1 contains photocopiable script with stage directions, words for each song, melody line with lyrics and guitar symbols. The accompanying CD's contain demonstration and backing tracks. Suitable for children aged 7-14. Duration 70 minutes.
Songbuch (Klavier, Gesang & Gitarre) Gavin Mole, Sara Ridgley Noten und CD
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