Chansons Puzzles Vol. 2

Gerard Billaudot
Chansons Puzzles Vol. 2
Avec CD
Every collection of Chansons-Puzzles proposes some 50 entertaining activities (auto-dictations) elaborated from traditional children's songs (songbooks); these two parts are presented recto-verso. The advantage? These well-known songs enable the child to practice... on his own! Rhythmic games, melodic puzzles, recognition of intervals, phrases to link... Behind their recreational appearance, the Chansons-Puzzles follow the programme of the first years of musical training, making it the ideal supplement for music classes. A simple yet detailed methodology accompanies all the exercises, making them accessible to children and parents for use at home. Here, songs like ' J'ai du bon tabac ' or ' Maman, les p'tits bateaux ' become enjoyable tools for effective progress. And to ensure complete autonomy and make learning even more fun, children can consult the songbook illustrated with original colour plates, listen to the CD and even sing along with the play-backs! Text in French.
Gehörbildung Olivier Ripoll Buch und CD
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