Concerto No. 23 in a Major, KV488

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Concerto No. 23 In A Major, Kv488
Accompaniment: Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra - A lovely, popular concerto full of melody and gorgeous orchestration, especially notable for its beautiful use of woodwinds to complement the piano. Really one of Mozart's absolute finest achievements, it has been eternally popular since its publication and remains on the top lists of many pianists. Requires some tricky fingering in the last movement, so crack those knuckles and kick yourself into gear with Maestro Nayden Todorov and the Plovdiv Philharmonic as your backup. This deluxe 2CD set includes a special reduced-tempo practice version of the accompaniment to get you going as you learn the piece. - Includes an authoritative, newly engraved music score printed on high-quality ivory paper, and two compact discs containing a complete reference recording in digital stereo, with soloist; then a second version in digital stereo of the orchestral accompaniment, minus the soloist. Also includes a -12.5% slow-tempo practice version of the accompaniment.
Klavier Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Noten und Online Audio
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