Die Kunst des Begleitens

Die Kunst des Begleitens, mit Tips, Ãœbungen, Voicings und Rhythmen, 96 S., engl./dt./frz., mit Playalong-CD
'The Art of Comping' is a 'hands-on' (first-of-its-kind) workbook which enables you to practice an often-neglected aspect of jazz piano playing. The text points out important aspects of the comping and offers a number of specific suggestions and chord voicings for each tune. You hear the author comp and you get a chance to comp with the same rhythm section, without the piano track.
Blues For Wanda - Jim McNeely; Crossroads (medium tempo swinger) - Bobby Watson; 'Round Midnight (Ballad) - Monk/Williams; Karita (medium tempo Latin) - Bobby Watson; Give And Take (uses structural elements, similar to Herbie Hancock's Dolphin Dance) - Jim McNeely; Last Minute (uptempo modal) - Jim McNeely.
Rhythm section: Jim McNeely - piano, Rufus Reid - bass, Victor Lewis - drums
Soloists: Art Farmer - flügelhorn, Steve Erquiaga - guitar, Bobby Watson - alto sax
Klavier Jim McNeely Noten und CD
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