Drum session 15

Alphonse Leduc
Drum Session 15
Drum Session 15 is set of 29 pieces for mixed-level drummers by Jacky Bourbasquet and Claude Gastaldin, with the musique written by Lionel Melot. It is the last of a series in 5volumes Drum Session 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and contains a mix of progressive solos to enable the drummer to play a variety of styles via pieces of increasing difficulty.
Drum Session 15 comes with aCD, which will help the player to get the right tempo while playing.
The co-writers, Jacky Bourbasquet and Claude Gastaldin are professional drummers and/or professors who believe inprogressivemethods to be able to progress with skills and technique.
Schlagzeug Jacky Bourbasquet, Jacky Noten Drum Session (Leduc)
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