Drum session 16

Alphonse Leduc
Drum Session 16
With few study books for Drums in existence, Drum Session 16 contributes to a series of prolific studies for the instrument, filling a vital gap.
Accompanied by a CD, this progressive bookeffectively focuses on all musical studies, accessible to any musician. Compiled by Jacky Bourbasquet and Claude Gastaldin, two prominent drummers of our day, and with music specially composed by renowned pianistLionel Melot, the book contains 41 pages of music in various styles which will enable the pupil to progress in their instrumental study. Drums Session 16 is an indispensable complement totraditionalteaching of the instrument.
Schlagzeug Claude Gastaldin, Lionel Merlot, Jacky Bourbasquet Noten Drum Session (Leduc)
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