Drums Movie Session Vol. 2

Drums Movie Session - Vol. 2 is a volume that will help you to get ready to be involve in a collective performance. On the music of Lionel Melot, it was composed by M. Boudoux, R. Chassin, C. Gastaldin, etal. and features a CD to provide an audio backup.
The volume includes the 25 pieces with the following genres: Western, Action, Suspense, Series, Great Show and Contemporary. This really progressive bookproposes five grade of difficulty: level 8, level 9, level 10, level 11 and level 12.
The CD includes each title, at different tempi according to each level, to get the players used to it.
DrumsMovie Session - Vol. 2 completes the first volume and is part of a series of book including the 'Studio Session 1 & 2', the 'Stage Session 1 & 2' and the 'RN'B Session', among others.
Schlagzeug Michael Boudoux, Raphael Chassin Noten Drum Session (Leduc)
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