Gitarre Erster Klasse (mit CD)

The handbook is designed for the youngest guitar players - children of the age from 6 to 9, beginning to play guitar. It is divided in four parts: the first concerns playing on open strings, second includes first exercises and melodies played with the left hand, third is a collection of simple two part compositions and the works included in the fourth recapitulate the material.
The handbook's contents is characterised by gradual increase in the level of difficulty and a wide range of choice of compositions and exercises in particular technical problems, which facilitates the process of learning. Modern approach to guitar teaching methods adopted in the handbook is visible in the introduction in the first stage of learning of duo playing by the student with the teacher. The attractiveness of this method allows develop technical skills as well as sensibility and musicality from the beginning of the learning process. The introduction of the elements of improvisation to exercises is an interesting idea developed in this handbook.
The graphic design with coloured illustrations was arranged with the smallest details in mind. To make the reading easier for children, the notes were printed in large fonts and coloured frames and signs pointing to certain problems facilitate orientation in the handbook material.
Gitarre Tatiana Stachak Noten und CD
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