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In The Tradition
Giovanni Hidalgo puts no restrictions or limitations on what he can do musically with his hands. His fans credit this phenomenon to Giovanni's remarkable ability to incorporate his imagination, musical wisdom, and life expereiences into his work. Hidalgo is the considered the leading conguero of our time. His diverse recording and touring credits include Dizzy Gillespie, Eddie Palmieri, Dave Valentin, and Mickey Hart. On this masterful bilingual (English/Spanish) DVD, he introduces basic sounds, tuning, and technique; patterns of son montuno, bolero, charanga, and danzon; and multi-percussion applications of those forms. Special Features: Legendary Performances: Karl Perazzo, Giovanni Hidalgo/Changuito. Drums From Around The World. Additional Product Previews. DVD-ROM Features: Latin percussion glossary of terms, tuning/maintenance, internet connectivity
Percussion Giovanni Hidalgo DVD
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