Méthode Rose 1ère année

Editions Van de Velde
Méthode Rose 1ère Année
Good posture at the piano is essential to the acquisition of a proper technique.
Right from the beginning, the child must have a steady, adjustable, comfortable seat. A bench is best suited to this purpose.
Help the child to memorise his/her position at the instrument: on the edge of the seat, at the middle of the keyboard, opposite the note E. The feet are placed near the pedals or crossed but they should not come back under the seat.
The height of the stool should be regulated so that the pupil's forearm is level with the black notes when the hands are placed in a natural position on the keyboard (with rounded fingers and slightly bent thumbs). In this position, the wrist should not be hollow. The elbows are held slightly in front of the body.
In order to avoid stiffening the upper part of the body, relaxation exercises for the arms, wrists and neck should be practised as often as necessary.
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