Nordic Piano Ballads

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Nordic Piano Ballads
The Swedish composer and pianist Erland Sjunnesson exactly meets the taste and feelings of Nordic-Romantic Piano Ballads. Composed not too difficultly, he succeeds in captivating both musicians and audience.The songs are incredibly full of expression, shining with extraordinarily beautiful melodies and harmonies.Once sat down at one's piano with this book, one will not leave it too soon, because this music simply is enchanting. A 'must' for all piano players, young and old, and pure joy - piece by piece and note by note. All pieces are on the accompanying CD and were recorded by the composer himself.   Inhaltsverzeichnis: Nordic Theme No. 8 Nordic Theme No. 2 Preludium in A-Maj June Waltz Fairy Tale Waltz in D-Min Music Picture No. 1 In Three Keys Remembrance Timeless May Waltz Nordic Theme No. 11 Hymn Another Story Voicings Mayfly Stiltje
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