The Ramon Ricker Improvisation Series Vol. 4

Ausführliche Behandlung und Erarbeitung der melodischen Molltonleiter und ihre Anwendung im Jazz.
VOLUME FOUR is devoted exclusively to the melodic minor scale and its use in jazz. The concept behind this book is to learn this scale extremely well then to find as many different places as possible to use it. If the student can master it, HEAR IT, and learn to use it with many different chord types, seemingly difficult chord progressions can be simplified and an expanded harmonic/melodic vocabulary will result.
BACKGROUND: Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor as Taught in Traditional and Jazz Theory
THEORY: Modes of the Melodic Minor, How to Practice Diatonic Seventh Chords, How to Practice Melodic Minor Scales with a Passing Tone, Application of Melodic Minor Scales to Various Chord Types, Summary of Melodic Minor Chord/Scale Relationships, A Reminder About Altered Dominant Chords
WORKOUTS: Melodic Minor Workouts, How to Practice Workouts, Minor Chords, Half-Diminished Chords, Dominant 13th Chords, Altered Dominant Chords, Major 7th 5 Chords
APPLYING MELODIC MINOR SCALES TO MINOR II-V-I, AND V-I PROGRESSIONS: The Harmonic Minor Scale over Minor II-V-Is, The Melodic Minor Scale over Minor II-V-Is, The Melodic Minor with a Passing Tone Scale Applied to Minor II-V-Is, Melodic Minor with a Passing Tone Scale Applied to Dominant 13, sus9 Chords
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