Voici la Voix Vol. 1

Gerard Billaudot
Voici La Voix Vol. 1
Avec CD
A series of four progressive books for the 2nd cycle, each consisting of a manual to fill in, a 'score-answer book' and a CD. The approach is based essentially on listening in all its aspects with strong emphasis on formal structure, which is revealed thanks to very practical instructions for use. Then come various classical and musical-training listening exercises, which can be applied to instrumental or vocal performance. The whole follows a natural, harmonious, step by step progression. The texts, ranging from the 14th to the 20th centuries, also include tips for historical research. By their experience, the two authors have endeavoured to enable students in their own courses to make tangible progress, combined with the joy of music. It is these great pedagogical qualities that are to be found in these books. Used in class or at home, they will allow the youngest to gain autonomy and, for the less young, to progress self-taught. Text in French.
Gehörbildung Valérie Josse Buch und CD
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